Striking the Right Connection with Customers

Program Duration: 1 Day

WOW facilitates your Customer Interfacing Staff on:

  • Building competitive advantage by creating awareness on the challenges of the 21st century demanding customer.
  • Empowering people with customer focused knowledge and experience.
  •  Creating ownership to innovate & deliver a memorable customer experience

21st century Customers have high levels of awareness, are globally travelled and are technology savvy. They are more open to trust the opinion of their friends and family other than the marketing plan of your institution. When they get the best customized service which makes them happy or makes them feel extra special irrespective of the cost of the service; they not only admire the work of your institution but in turn help spread a positive opinion of it by making their family and friends your brand ambassadors.

A few examples of questioning by the new age aware customers……

Can this T-shirt/ pant/jacket be washed in laundry or requires dry-cleaning?

Which mobile has better picture quality?

Which company’s golf set is of better quality and why?

Can you tell me the flavour of this tea/coffee?

How many days would my online replacement take?

Did anyone teach you how to smile?

Why are you so defensive?

Should I leave this shop or do you still want to talk on your phone?

Excuse me? Can you talk politely please?

Challenge lies in harmonizing the whole frontline staff to decode, innovate and deliver on the corporate vision.

Don’t wait. Act and gift yourself a game-changing- WOW: “CUSTOMER CONNECT” training program for your customer interfacing staff to strike the right connection with the customers.

· Taking up the challenges of the new age customer · Winning attitude to connect with all types of customers & their diverse behaviors · Creating first impression on customers · Gaining confidence to handle customer queries and complaints · Bridging corporate and self-vision to create sense of belonging to the organisation · Developing inter-personal skills · Learning corporate communication · Connecting with the supervisory level to meet the corporate vision
This program is for all customer interfacing employees you are responsible to retain and create new customers · Frontline Staff of Hotel/Travel/Aviation Industry · Sales Staff of Company’s in sectors like Retail/Insurance/Telecom etc. · Service Staff of Manufacturing companies · Payment Collection Staff · Frontline Staff of Hospitals (Registration’s staff, Administration, Nurses, GDA etc.)
We work on solutions together with the client through customer-centric powerful tools and strategies in a simulated environment like: · Role play to strike the right connection · Situational Case studies of top brands and their practices · Simulated individual/team exercises to decode customers · Individual/team exercises to enhance creativity · Group discussions for critical analysis · Modern stress management techniques · People skills to deliver consistently · Audio & video motivational presentations
· Each participant walks out with a 21 day action plan for the review session · Review session with Action plan for consistent performance · Motivational e-mails containing inspirational quotes, audio/visual clippings, stories etc. once a week · Inspirational SMS’s on mobiles to deliver consistently once a week · 1 Voice/Skype call at employee’s choice
Safety Circle
Birinder Bakshi
“My team of Trainer deliver excellent quality programs after your training”
Owner, Safety Circle
Kesav Gupta
“After this training I am a changed man”
H.R manager, Hitachi
Essar Oil
“You suggested dozens of best practices”
D.G.M, Essar Oil
Swati Arora
“My team members appreciated such an interactive training”
Training Head, Digicall Teleservices
Connect Broadband
Prem Ojha
“The results of your training are measurable and extremely sustainable”
C.O.O, Connect Broadband Videocon
Central Park
Jyotsna Chauhan
“2 days of rocking energy. 2 days of terrific motivation and 2 different role plays- but...
Chief Marketing Strategy Officer, Central Park
Prathmesh Sharma
“Appreciate her Training Content, delivery skills and two way communication”
Deputy Manager, UNO Minda


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